Everyone wants to come home to a clean house. But that’s a pipe dream for many people. Most will come home to dishes in the sink and bills on the table. Millions of Americans are too busy with work, school, and family to deal with cleaning every day. This means weekends are often allotted for cleaning.

This doesn’t seem fair. After all, weekends are supposed to be for resting and recharging. But for many people, it’s a choice between resting or letting the dirt and clutter pile up. You do have the option of hiring a professional cleaning service to handle this, but this is an extra expense that many families aren’t willing to spend.

Another option is to develop a sensible house cleaning schedule. A good plan will help you make the most of your time so you won’t have to spend hours a week cleaning.

Cleaning experts say you don’t have to clean the whole house every day. What you can do instead is name specific chores to do per day. For instance, Monday can be all about sweeping and vacuuming. Meanwhile, you can opt to do the laundry on Tuesday. You can finish your daily cleaning tasks in an hour or less. Here’s an example of how you can go about this:

Sweep Away the Monday Blues

Dirt and clutter can affect our minds. It can cause us to become distracted. The opposite is true though. A tidy space helps us focus better. The simple act of clearing junk or sweeping the floor will do wonders. So why not start the week by cleaning the floors? Do all the sweeping or vacuuming on Monday. Running late? You can opt to clean only the high-traffic areas like the foyer or bedrooms.

Bathroom Tuesdays

No one likes cleaning the bathroom. It’s a job that must be done though. You can pick another day to do this. Whatever schedule you chose, follow the professional cleaners and do these:

· Scrub and sanitize the toilet bowl

· Clean the shower and bathtub

· Clean and sanitize counters and sinks

· Take rugs or bath mats outside. Shake them clean. Return or replace them.

· Change old bath towels with new ones.

Wipe Down Wednesday

Midweek seems a good time to wipe clean your home. A feather duster or microfiber cloth is ideal for this job. Start with surfaces at higher levels, like the tops of the cabinets. You can also start with ceiling fans before moving to surfaces at lower levels. The idea here is to let the dirt and dust fall to the floor.

It’s also a good idea to sanitize all surfaces once you’ve wiped them clean. Don’t forget high-touch items like doorknobs and light switches.

Declutter Thursday

There’s a good chance that some clutter has built up by this time. It can be clothes you’ve worn the past three days or the paperwork you’ve placed on the table. Why not use the day to get things organized? You can start by putting things back where they belong. You can also go through the items in your refrigerator. Throw away food items that are now expired.

Laundry Friday

Friday is laundry day for many people. School and office work are over. It’s a matter of minutes to throw dirty clothes in the washer. You can save a lot of money and time by designating one day for the laundry. You can also do all the folding and ironing on this day. Don’t forget to put the clean clothes away.

Giving You a Clean, Healthy, and Happy Home

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