Your house should be a place where you can relax and recharge after a long day’s work. But nothing is ever relaxing if your house smells. Just the thought of going home to a smelly house can further weigh you down with your already tired body and mind. Rather than stressing about how bad your home smells, why not find ways on how to get rid of the bad smell in your house instead?

Get to the Root Cause

Although home air purifiers can possibly do the job, you must know where the smell comes from or what’s causing it. This is key to getting rid of that awful smell once and for all. Sacrifice a little more, sniff it and follow where the foul odor takes you.

Common Causes of Bad Smell in House 

You don’t have to get used to that bad smell. Read on and find some clues to what causes the smell in your house in the list below.

Molds and Mildew

That musty smell in your home is a sign that your house has some mold or mildew growth issues. It can be tricky to address this because molds and mildew can grow anywhere in your home. They are sure to be seen growing in damp areas like the bathrooms, shower rooms, and kitchen, so check those areas first. It is also possible to find them on your walls or in the basement, a strong sign that there might be a leak in your pipes that needs immediate repairs.

Molds and mildew should not be taken lightly because they can be toxic to your health. They release spores that float in the air and can easily be inhaled, triggering allergic reactions and other respiratory issues.


The smell of smoke in establishments, public places, and transportation are appalling as it is. How much more if it smells like that in your home?

If someone in your household cannot stop smoking, you can designate a specific spot in the house or the backyard as a smoking area. Ask them nicely to go there whenever they want or need to light up.

Smoking and inhaling cigarette smoke has been proven to cause a number of serious health issues and can even increase your risk for other critical illnesses. So make a conscious effort not to let that smell inside your house because it has the power to linger in your house walls, curtains, carpets, etc. First-hand, second-hand and even third-hand smoke is bad for anyone, so keep it away as much as possible, for you and your loved ones’ safety.


When was the last time you gave your fur baby a bath, or the last time you cleaned your kitty litter?

If you have a pet, make it a point to clean their homes regularly, throw their leftover food and clean their feeding bowls as well. Sometimes, it’s their fur fall that causes the smell.

Have you tried vacuuming your carpet, your couch, or your home as a whole? When was the last time you changed your beddings and couch covers? Maybe some deep cleaning and washing can do the trick for you.

Drains and Sewers

Does the smell come from your kitchen or shower drains? Then the sewage system is the issue. If you live in an apartment or in a building, ask around your neighbors if they have the same issue. If they have, contact your landlord to have it checked immediately. If you live in a subdivision, have an expert check it out so you will know how to address the problem.

Leftover, Rotten Food and Other Trash 

Check your house for flies. Follow them, and for sure, they will bring you to some forgotten, rotten food.

Throw out spoiled food from your table and your fridge. Check your trash cans if you haven’t been able to empty them.

Did you know that you also need to wash your bins to make sure that the smell from the previous trash will not build up? When left uncleaned, it can cause a smell of decay that is very inviting to unwanted house guests like roaches and rats.

Ways on How to Get Rid of That Smell

Even with a home air purifier, we still need to keep our house regularly cleaned to avoid the issue of any unwanted smell in the house. Your home air purifier can only do so much, and if you don’t keep your house clean, be ready to shed some money to frequently change your air purifier’s filter. Below are natural, DIY, and other ideas that you can try to finish this battle.

Open Up Some Windows

Maybe your home is deprived of proper ventilation. Try opening your windows to let the new air in and the old air out. While you’re at it, try the following:

  • Cut a lemon and place it somewhere hidden. Lemons are natural deodorizers that can help address the issue.
  • Hang some potpourri on your fans or aircon to freshen up the smell of your home.

Baking Soda

The ever-reliable baking soda is a must have.

  • Open up a box or place some in a container. Place it in your fridge to help neutralize the different smells of the food inside.
  • Baking soda mixed with two quarts of water can also be used to clean and freshen up almost the whole of your house, from your fridge, and kitchen sinks, to the tubs and down to the floors.
  • It can also be used to clean and eliminate the smell build-up on mattresses, carpets, rugs, etc.


This is another kitchen staple that can do so much more than just for cooking. The good thing about this is that we can safely use this even in the microwave and other food preparation spaces because it is natural and non-toxic. Vinegar and water solution can also get rid of vomit and urine on carpets and upholsteries.

Coffee Grounds

If you are a coffee lover, you will love the smell of this lingering in your home instead of any of the bad smell that’s been bothering you.

The coffee ground can absorb and neutralize the smell and give you a scent of freshly brewed coffee that can perk you up instantly. Place it in your bedroom, cupboards, fridge, and even in your shower rooms. Just remember to change them when the coffee smell fades.

Bleach and Other Store-Bought Cleaning Solutions

There are specialized cleaning solutions especially built to clean and prevent the regrowth of molds and mildew. Try them by carefully following the instructions on the label. Remember to keep good ventilation while using anything with bleach.

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