We can’t all have huge walk-in closets, so it’s crucial to devise creative solutions for storing our clothes and other stuff. But we have to be honest, keeping a tiny closet organized may be challenging. That’s why we’re showcasing several tips that might make it simpler to do so.

Be Smart With Your Door Choice

Consider converting your closet door into a pocket door. In fact, you can just throw it away if you believe your room is too small. Others are even adding a full length mirror because, as we all know, this creates the illusion of a bigger room.

Take Advantage of a Small Corner

A good dresser or cabinet may give life to a dull nook while also providing much-needed storage space. You can even look for a second-hand treasure chest storage box to give your room added character. You can store some of the items that you don’t often use but are important. Think about your boots and trench coats.

Get a Mannequin

Do you want to look a bit artsy while having extra space for your clothes? We encourage getting a mannequin. You read that right.

Use a mannequin as a coat rack or to plan out your wardrobe. It’s a lovely solution for keeping things in order when your closet is too tiny to accommodate all of your clothing.

Get a Rack

A freestanding garment rack is an absolute godsend for anybody who either doesn’t have a closet or whose closet is already overflowing with clothes.

Here’s another thing. Having your closet on full display will motivate you to maintain your garments neat and tidy.

Make Additional Storage Above and Below Your Bed

Add storage above the bed for more space. This is particularly smart if you have high ceilings and can use your vertical space without cutting the floor area.

If this isn’t possible, how about using the space beneath your bed? Today, there are numerous under-bed drawers that you can easily push and pull whenever you need something.

Many people just store random stuff under their bed. However, if you reorganize your things, add storage solutions, it can double as your extra closet space.

Add Lights

While this isn’t exactly to add more real estate to your closet, adding task lights has its own benefits. This makes it easier to find things even in a cramped space.

Label Your Storage Boxes

Plastic storage boxes are durable. It’s a great storage solution for small spaces, especially when you label them properly. You can simply print the labels on sticker paper, and you’re good to go. You can either design your own, or download templates online.

Find Another Area to Store Your Shoe Collection

If shoes are taking up too much room in your closet, you may want to consider finding a more suitable spot for them. How about your entrance seat? Or maybe you have extra room under your stairs?

A quick reminder that you shouldn’t forget to disinfect your shoes after using them outdoors.

Use Modular Shelving

There’s another fantastic approach to storing items that won’t fit in the closet. Take advantage of the modular storage system. Hide the essentials and make room for the decorative objects you want to show off by displaying them in plain sight.

Install Sliding Doors

You won’t have to go from end to end of the closet looking for anything ever again. These life-saving bypass doors may be installed with little effort. They are particularly useful in confined areas.

Turn Your Wall Shelving Unit Into an Additional Closet Space

You may utilize wall shelves if that’s all the space you have.

You may hang all the sweaters, skirts, and coats, and obviously, at that point, ladders may be needed. If you don’t mind walking up there to grab your things, feel free to do this in your bedroom.

Repurpose Your Old Office Furniture

Use your ingenuity to find novel ways to store things on shelves. For example, magazine files or folders are perfect for holding a wide variety of small items, such as clutches, and jewelry.

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