About 75% of people who experience spring allergies also have allergy symptoms between early August to late September. With ragweed in bloom and outdoor fall activities beckoning, we are often torn between staying indoors and enjoying the cooler temperatures.

This year, more than ever, stray sneezes and coughing can be more alarming to us and our loved ones, but allergies are no reason not to enjoy the fall.

Here are a few tips to keep your family safe and healthy this season:

  1. Change your air filters. We often forget to handle this regular home maintenance task, and it can have a huge impact on preventing allergies. Make sure to change your air filters every 90 days at least, and consider every 45-60 days if you have pets in your home.
  2. Eliminate mold in your home. Allergens like mold can seriously affect your family’s health. Deep cleaning spaces in your home that are often moist is an important way to stop mold growth. Kitchen sinks and bathrooms are notorious for high mold count, and regular sanitation is vital to keeping these spaces free from mold and other allergens.
  3. Reduce dust and dirt. Letting dust, dirt, and pet hair and dander build up in your home can also impact your family’s health. Dusting and vacuuming regularly can help improve the air quality in your home, reducing seasonal allergies symptoms.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed during the back to school season, and house cleaning often gets pushed off when we’re balancing school schedules, homework, and careers. Call us and we can help you keep your home allergen free. Our deep cleaning and sanitation methods will boost the air quality in your home and keep your family breathing easy.