Many of our clients ask us this question: “What can I do to maintain my home in between house cleanings?”

We’ve made a list of some tasks you can do that keep your home looking tidy even when the cleaning crew isn’t there yet!

1) Wipe down your kitchen counters every evening. As you and your family eat meals throughout the day, crumbs and grime can accumulate. A soapy sponge or paper towel on our countertops can do wonders at the end of the day. Say goodbye to sticky counters and crumbs from breakfast. Wiping them down is the last step before closing down the kitchen.

2) Keep an eye out for spills and messes on the floor. Too many times, kids brush crumbs onto the floor instead of into the garbage. While we are floor cleaning pros, daily floor check-ins from you keep bugs and pests from feasting on the crumbs the kiddos left behind.

3) Check to make sure everyone has made their beds. Studies show that the most productive people start their day by making their beds. A tidy bed leads to a tidy mind.

4) Check for any laundry the needs to be done. It’s a yucky feeling when you reach for your favorite top only to discover it is in the laundry bin. Staying up to date on laundry truly helps to fight the feelings of being overwhelmed. Additionally, make sure that wet clothes don’t sit in the washer too long after they have been washed because that can lead to mildew and musky smells. If your washer has a mildew smell, we can help get that out and make sure your future laundry smells fresh and clean!

5) Pick up the bags, jackets and clutter from the floor. When people come over, they see the mess in the floor, first. Try to pick up what is in the living area, so that it doesn’t get out of hand.

Thanks for checking out our daily cleaning checklist! We hope it helps you out with daily chores. Don’t forget that we are here to make sure your home is fresh and tidy, give us a call!

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