Commercial properties need extra care in terms of maintenance for tenants to enjoy its full potential. One of the things you should not forget is to clean heating vents and radiators. Annual maintenance is necessary to ensure that the system works well.

Should You Allow Non-Professionals to Clean Your Heating Vents and Radiators? 

You shouldn’t leave the job of cleaning your vents and radiators to regular cleaners. If they don’t have the right tools, it might damage the unit. In fact, it might even worsen the air quality indoors.

For buildings and large commercial spaces, portable equipment helps the crew access the extensive duct system. They may also offer their equipment mounted to their trucks, depending on the type of property you have.

Steps in Cleaning Heating Vents and Radiators 

It’s always a good thing to know what experts will do with your unit. Educating yourself on how things are being done can help you find the right service providers.

Before you sign an agreement, let them walk you through their process. Knowing the basics can help you assess if they are a right fit for you. Here’s a quick guide.

Removing Contaminants 

Experts should first remove the sources of contamination. One may use brushes, air whips, and even compressed air. Hand brushing and contact vacuuming may be necessary.

From here, cleaners will place the system under negative pressure to avoid spreading contaminants, including hair and dust. The negative pressure allows fine particles to be removed.

System Access 

Each building has its own HVAC system, and it could be set up differently. A technician will access the air ducts through the entire supply register.

How Long Does It Take to Clean Heating Vents and Radiators?

For simple requirements, the cleaning should take about two hours. However, this will still depend on the size of your premises and the complexities of the system.

Why Ask for Before and After Photos of the Services?

In most cases, cleaners will provide you with before and after photos of the services they rendered to you. This is a must, and you should request the same. It ensures that they have done their job right. After all, we are talking about the health of your occupants.

Benefits of Regularly Cleaning Heating Vents and Radiators 

Still not convinced about the importance of taking care of heating vents and radiator systems in your commercial establishments? Read more.

Better Efficiency 

When your vents and radiators are filthy, the system needs to work twice as much to get the desired temperature. If that happens, you need to pay more for energy bills. As we’ve said, we recommend hiring professionals to do the maintenance because it entails special skills and knowledge.

The same thing can be said for cleaning your commercial spaces. Hire experts so that no stones will be left unturned. For your cleaning needs, hire Spotless Cleaning Services.

Longer Lifespan  

When your system is filthy, you can decrease the lifespan of the equipment. On the other hand, cleaning air ducts means you can get the most out of the equipment and don’t have to spend extra on unnecessary expenses.

Fresher Air 

Did you know that most Americans spend around 90% of their time indoors? Having said that, your employees and clients will be safe whenever they are on your premises. Remember, dirty vents and radiators can lead to short-term and long-term health problems

Choosing the Right Company To Clean Your Heating Vents and Radiators? 

There are many service providers offering cleaning services for HVAC systems. Unfortunately, not everyone is worthy of your time.

We recommend knowing their expertise to see if it matches your requirements. For example, they might be servicing residential areas but are not equipped for larger buildings and offices. You may even ask about their previous clients.

Also, try to see what type of equipment they use. If it’s updated, it simply means they are investing in the business, and you can expect premium services.

Spotless Cleaning For Your Commercial Cleaning Requirements

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